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Important Site Info/Secure Transactions

All songs are available for Exlusive and Non Exlusive (Lease), Sync, etc... licensing.  Email me on the contact page to complete a transaction and get details on use of song. Buying multiple songs can get you a better deal. Working on a budget let me know. WAV file available on request. :)

*Basic Lease - Non Exclusive Prices listed below. Up to 200,000 non-monetized Youtube video views. Up to 9,999 copies sold in any medium.

 Explore Custom Lease Options - Contact for additional Lease/Exclusive/Sync/Mechanical contract details not mentioned in this clause.

 100's of beats available on request.

All payments are processed through PayPal

Contract Examples

Cue Sheet - Click Link

Music Release - Click Link

Music Reference - Click Link

Sound Report - Click Link

Crew Contact - Click Link

Music Licensing Agreement - Click Link

Exclusive Rights - Contract - Click Link

Non-Exclusive (Lease) Rights - Contract - Click Link



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Get a free music supervisors list.

Post-Production List - 11 Pages long
  • Post-Production List - 11 Pages long
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 The list I created was so you don’t have to spend nearly two weeks ciphering through the bad and dead websites vs. the good and alive links. Also you won’t need any one to connect you, you can market yourself; the best music biz advice ever.

So for less than you probably spent on your lunch today you can have all access to all the best post-production companies in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

I’m also throwing in the creative directory lists websites, over 90 music contracts as well as a site that contains major and major independent labels information.

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Beats - Deals/Bundles

Beats - List of Individual Tracks


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